Video Host TV


Sample Screen View

The Program

You can select a single location or take advantage of our grouped location areas for the most value and exposure. Your ad will run at least 8 times per hour minimum in each location, generating repeat impressions of your logo and message. We carefully choose locations to reach the most potential customers. We have created a quality advertising program for you to deliver local audience, high frequency and an eye-catching format.

The Opportunity

“Advertising in a down economy is even more important than advertising during the good times,” says Joyce Gioia, president of the Herman Group, a firm of strategic business futurists in Greensboro, N.C. “That’s when you can build market share. That’s when you have less competition for share of mind. While others are in a cocoon, hibernating until things blow over, it’s a great time to invest in your business.”

The Price

Video Host TV is an affordable program with a simple rate structure and we create your standard static ad at no extra cost. The cost to advertise in one location is affordable, but stretch your advertising dollars even further by taking advantage of grouped location area discounts.


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